Rough Cut Pine

Black Sheep Wood Working is about providing the best quality materials as your number one wood supplier. This includes our signature rough cut pine, built to serve many purposes in woodworking. Robust and versatile, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about rough cut pine.


Rough Cut / Sawn

Also known as rough sawn, rough cut pine is a type of lumber that is made into planks without treatment to its form otherwise. This makes the material maintain versatility in creating a wide variety of wood-based items such as custom-built tables or decks.

Straight From the Source

Rough cut pines retain their quality from the source better than other refined cuts and planks. Rough cuts allow woodshops and carpenters to fabricate the projects they want by buying the material for cheaper before applying their skills to get their desired finish.

When you have a great woodworking plan laid out, getting supplied with rough cut pine is the way!


General Advantages

The biggest advantage to rough cut pine is that it’s thicker than finished wood, so the woodworker can have a decent margin of error when working with the desired material.

This allows for woodworking projects of all sizes to fully utilize the economic value of sourcing rough cut pine from Black Sheep Wood Working.


Quality Guaranteed

Black Sheep Woodworking always offers the best exotic woods and materials around. We take pride in the wide variety of raw materials we provide to all project go-getters across the country. Customer-focused and quality-driven, we look forward to helping you bring the best woodwork projects and decor to life wherever you are. Contact us today to learn more about rough cut pine and more!

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