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When it comes to high-quality lumber for your furniture and custom design wood products, the wood supplier matters. Here at Black Sheep Woods, we obtain all of our lumber from our in-house lumber and sawmill company, Mountain Heart Woodworks. All of the lumber comes from the high country in Colorado and includes many different varieties. Learn about the type of lumber we carry and use in our custom wood designs, and contact us to get started on your next custom wood project today!


Beetle Kill Slabs

There's no doubt that the mountain pine beetle has wreaked havoc on the Colorado highlands, destroying pine trees across the Rocky Mountains. That being said, the wood is still quite usable, beautiful, hardy, and, above all, sustainable. We cut out the unusable portions to craft our custom wood projects that are nothing but gorgeous.

Douglas Fir Beams

Douglas fir trees are one of the strongest types of woods available here in Colorado. They are renowned not only for their strength, but also for their durability and rich coloring that includes a signature dark tan-red color. Our custom wood designs from Douglas fir are some of the most popular designs available.


Rough-Cut Lumber

Rough-cut lumber is the type of lumber that derives from the first cut of a wood product. It has not been treated or finished, which is left to the woodworker to complete. Our rough-cut lumber can be custom ordered for your lumber needs or for your custom wood design projects.

Tongue & Groove/Shiplap

Here at Black Sheep Woods, we offer a wide variety of tongue and groove and shiplap wood options for all your building and wood needs. We offer many profile options, including size options. We aim to ensure you have what you need in the wood type and high quality you expect.


Aspen Lumber

Aspen is a lightweight wood and fairly flexible, making it easy to mold to your woodworking and lumber building needs. It is commonly used in paneling for homes, and it is splinterless, making it a great wood for chairs.


Black Sheep Wood is proud to partner with Mountain Heart Woodworks in order to bring you the highest-quality wood products available from the mountains of Colorado. Our highly experienced craftsmen are extremely picky about the wood they use in their woodworking process. We handle every board several times over in order to be sure there are no defects, such as cracks and strains. We are also looking for the best color and grade of wood possible. 


Lumber is as unique as the tree it comes from, and truly no two pieces are the same. We look to capitalize on this and use each piece to bring out the beauty of the wood in your custom wood designs. To get a custom quote, get in touch with our team today!

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