Four Reasons You Should Shop At The Black Sheep Design Showroom

Outfitting your home with beautiful, well-crafted wood tables can add a natural element to its overall aesthetic. The character and rustic charm of custom live edge black walnut slab tables are unlike anything else — and nobody understands this better than Black Sheep Wood Design. Our Elizabeth, CO company centers around providing custom wood designs to homeowners, architects, and anyone interested in adding high-quality lumber to their spaces. Discover the wonder of our hand-crafted products created from live edge slabs and learn more about why you should visit our showroom — coming soon!

Four Reasons You Should Shop At The Black Sheep Design Showroom Infographic

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Family-Owned & Operated

Black Sheep Wood Design is a brand that focuses entirely on sharing the hard work and love of family with others in the Central Colorado region. Our family-owned and operated sawmill, lumber yard, and wood design shop takes providing beautiful maple slab products to our customers very seriously. Our woodworking business is committed to sharing local, hand-crafted products with the community around us and making their interiors a little brighter. Keep an eye on our website to learn more about how you can visit us in person at our upcoming design showroom!

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Customer-Focused Live Edge Slabs

There is nothing quite like having a custom live edge black walnut slab table counter or mantle piece created just for your space. No matter what type of wood project you’re interested in creating, Black Sheep Wood Design near Elizabeth, CO listens to each individual client and provides the exact right maple slabs, live edge slabs, and lumber. Our mission is to provide well-crafted, high-quality lumber products that are exactly what our clients are looking for. Whether you’re needing the material itself or a finished countertop, you will be able to find exactly what you need at the Black Sheep Wood Design showroom.

a handmade wood countertop


Black Sheep Wood Design is known for and exceptionally proud of the time and passion we put into our live edge black walnut slabs and custom projects. Our lumber yard and wood shop is determined to provide nothing short of gorgeous, sturdy materials for our clients to execute their unique visions. Our upcoming exotic wood showroom will showcase everything we can provide for your Colorado home or professional worksite, using maple slabs, pine, and Douglas fir materials.

a wood waterfall edge table

Custom Wood Designs & Products

Bring the rustic charm of custom live edge slab and maple slab projects from our Black Sheep Wood Design shop and showroom. While we do provide raw materials to architects and other clients, homeowners can take advantage of our craftsmanship by having a unique piece of furniture created. Our live edge black walnut slabs can be used to create custom wood tables, fireplace mantle pieces, sliding doors, wall art, and countertops.

Choose Black Sheep Wood Design for true excellence in woodworking and hand-crafted aesthetic pieces. Keep an eye on our website for more announcements on our upcoming showroom!

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