Everything You Wanted To Know About Live Edge Tables

Adding natural wood designs and other pieces into your Colorado home or brick-and-mortar storefront is perfect for bringing the outdoorsy wonder of this state indoors. There is no better way of accomplishing this aesthetic goal than to invest in live edge slab tables, a specific type of woodworking project that is sure to stand out to visitors and family members. Black Sheep Wood Design near Elizabeth, CO specializes in creating tables using live edge black walnut slabs and maple slabs, and is proud to expose unfamiliar homeowners to this type of design. Learn more about live edge tables below and contact us to get started on your next custom project!

Different Types of Live Edge Slabs Infographic

a piece of wood being cut

The Cut & Process for Live Edge Slabs

Essentially, the idea behind using live edge slabs to create a table is to anticipate the natural beauty of the tree into the final asset. The cutting and woodworking process for live edge black walnut slab pieces involves preserving the natural edges and structure of the wood; in short, this translates to a final product that closely mirrors the interior and rings of the tree. Black Sheep Wood Design’s mission is to acquire these pieces of natural lumber by cutting horizontal slabs from trees and getting the resulting live edges ready for furniture use.

a live edge table being made

Characteristics of Live Edge Black Walnut Slabs

Live edge black walnut slabs, maple slabs, and other wood types all have one universal characteristic: they give the impression of looking inside the tree they came from. The imperfections, growth rings, and bark of the sourced tree are celebrated during the creation of these Black Sheep Wood Design tables. While other characteristics of these tables can vary due to their custom-made nature, each spots a smooth, polished exterior for everyday use.

a live edge desk

Live Edge Slab Designs

The design of live edge slabs can vary greatly, especially in terms of which tree these slabs are sourced from. The final, custom aesthetic of these woodworking projects can have different colors and tree rings, as our Colorado Black Sheep Wood Design shop provides access to honey locust, elm, black walnut, and maple slabs. Each table ends up being a true one-of-a-kind piece of furniture due to the different types of wood that can be used. Get in touch with us today to discuss all the possible design options!

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Our Black Sheep Wood Design Live Edge Tables

The live edge black walnut slabs and other live edge slabs utilized by Black Sheep Wood Design are perfect for creating a clean, polished focal point for any room in your home. Our mission is to bring high-quality, custom designs to our community members with the personal touch of a family-owned business. There is no shortage of options when it comes to crafting a long-lasting piece of furniture with our woodworking experts!

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