Choosing the Right Slab for Your Project

The right slab can make or break any DIY project, regardless of what you are making. But not everyone is an expert in picking the perfect piece of wood that will suit their needs. Learn more below about how to choose the right slab of wood for your next project from the experienced team at Black Sheep Woods in Elizabeth, CO so that you can get the best result from your work. Make sure to contact us if you are in search of high-quality live edge wood now!

Tree Round

Live edge tree round slabs are one of the most common cuts that you will find used in people’s homes — this is due to the fact that they are generally easy to work with and come in a round shape that doesn’t require much trimming or shaping. In order to get a tree round slab, you make a horizontal cut — perpendicular to the length of the tree. This results in, as the name suggests, a generally round-shaped slab. While this cut is simple, its popularity comes from its simplicity. You’re left with beautiful designs made by the rings and a live edge slab that can easily be made into an end table or coffee table. Smaller slabs are often treated and used as things like charcuterie boards.

Tree Slab

Tree slabs are cuts of live edge wood that are the result of cutting a tree lengthwise. This gives you a long, uninterrupted piece of wood to work with. They are often unique because you are cutting along the rings and not against them. This leaves you with long, flowing lines that show the size and shape of the tree. Like burl round and tree round slabs, each and every cut is different, allowing you the opportunity to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Frequently, tree slabs are used for larger structures like dining room tables or headboards for your bed.

Burl Round

Burled wood is extremely popular among woodworkers for a variety of reasons and can be truly beneficial to work with on your next DIY project. A slab of burl wood can come from any number of trees (oam, maple, walnet, cherry, and more) and is the result of a growth or deformity that is caused by infestation or illness. While that may sound strange, there is a reason that this unique and often expensive kind of slab is sought after. Burled wood is generally thick and has a heavy resistance to splitting. This makes it the perfect kind of slab for use when you are constructing furniture. It can also be cut thinly and is popularly used when making instruments and paneling for vehicles.

Find the Right Source

Once you have made a decision regarding what kind of live edge slab you should use for your upcoming project, it is time to ensure that you do your due diligence and find a source that can provide you with a quality cut. At Black Sheep Woods, we provide our customers in and around Elizabeth, CO with only the highest-quality live edge lumber. We are certain that we can find a cut that will be perfect for your DIY project. All of the lumber that we use comes from North American forests that are sustainably managed. Reach out to our expert team and let us assist you today!

Choosing the right live edge slab can set you up for success when it comes to your next project. These different types of slabs have varied personalities, but know for a fact that each of them make unique additions to any home and will add a beautiful aesthetic to your space. If you are in need of a quality slab from a team of experienced woodworking professionals, make sure that you come to the best provider of lumber in and around Elizabeth, CO. Contact the team at Black Sheep Woods now to learn more and get started on your next DIY Project!