From Mountain Heart to Blacksheep


Hi there. My name is Garrett Pickrel. I guess you are here to learn about Blacksheep Woods. Where to start…

I suppose I should begin by saying that I have a huge passion for what I do. I love working with wood, creating new things, and being a part of this industry. I love the woodworking community, the support everyone has for each other, and that I am fortunate enough to be a part of that.

I have been playing with sawdust since I was a kid, you could say that it is in my blood! Actually, it probably is in my blood. I should go see a doctor about that come to think of it, but that's a story for another time. Anyways about me, after serving in the Navy from 2006-2010, I spent my time working with my father as a woodworker while I was completing my BS degree (such a fitting name), in computer information systems. After college, I worked in IT for a few years and decided it wasn't for me, so I rejoined my father working as a Sawyer, and running his sawmill with him (Mountain Heart Woodworks). We had so much fun cutting wood and building the business, but I knew that I'd eventually want to run my own show and well, so did he. In 2018, I branched off and turned half of our operation into a woodshop. I began building custom tables for clients and fell in love with woodworking all over again. My father and I work side by side with two separate businesses. He cuts Colorado wood products on his sawmill and I build custom furniture and we also sell Hardwood Slabs.

I recently leased out a space in Parker, CO where I am opening a showroom to sell hardwood live edge slabs, and also to showcase and sell the furniture I build. I am dedicated to the quality in all of the products I sell. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. I care about my clients and I want to make sure they have the best experience possible while working with me.

Thanks for your interest in my company! I hope to continue to thrive in Colorado as a woodworker and give people the gift of wood for years to come!

Also, I love my new name (Blacksheep Woods), and I don't care who says otherwise:)